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Capti IP Transit

Reliable and High-Performance Internet Connectivity

Reliable and High-Performance Internet Connectivity

Capti IP Transit offers reliable and high-performance internet connectivity solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our extensive network infrastructure and partnerships with leading global carriers, we provide fast and seamless access to the internet, enabling your organisation to connect with the world and leverage digital opportunities.

Key Features


Global Network Infrastructure

Capti has access to a robust global network infrastructure, ensuring reliable and scalable IP transit services.


High-Speed Connectivity

Benefit from high-speed internet connectivity, enabling fast data transfer, seamless browsing, and efficient access to cloud services and online resources.



Our extensive peering arrangements with major internet exchange points (IXPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) ensure optimal routing and reduced latency for your internet traffic.


Diverse Routing Options

Capti offers diverse routing options to ensure redundancy and resiliency, minimising the impact of network disruptions and ensuring continuous connectivity.


Flexible Bandwidth Options

Choose from a range of bandwidth options to match your specific requirements, from low-capacity connections to high-capacity links.


24/7 Network Monitoring and Support

Our network operations center (NOC) monitors the network 24/7, providing proactive monitoring to ensure optimal performance and minimal downtime.

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Network InfrastructureRobust network infrastructure
Connectivity TypeIP Transit
PeeringExtensive peering arrangements with major IXPs and CDNs
Routing OptionsDiverse routing options for redundancy and resiliency
Bandwidth OptionsFlexible bandwidth options to match specific requirements
Contract Term24 Months, 36 Months, or 48 months
Technical Support24/7, 365 days per year

Industries We Serve

Enhance your operations with Capti's robust and secure IP Transit solutions

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Reliable IP transit for technology companies and IT service providers, ensuring fast and stable internet connectivity to support their digital infrastructure and services.


Seamless access to cloud platforms, enabling efficient delivery of cloud-based solutions and applications.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and leverage the benefits of Capti's IP transit services for your business.

See what our customers have to say.

Capti delivering superfast, uninterrupted internet in Australia. But don't take our word for it, checkout what our customers are saying.

Definitely a better upgrade so far. Recently transferred from Optus 1mbps (supposed to be unlimited speed according to thier site for 5G Home Internet with min 50mbps) speed to Capti's ~500mpbs. It felt like I have moved from regional to city finally.

Vishnu Katta

I'm new to Capti. The team and process to change over to their service was easy and the team delivered a high degree of service. I'm now getting exactly the speeds according to my plan - which is double the speed for the same cast as my previous NBN provider! I'd highly recommend Capti.

Jim Hernandez

Capti service and internet delivery speeds / quality have both been outstanding compared to the previous provider. No problems! All good and recommended!

Duncan Stuart