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Work from home with Capti Fibre for pro-level productivity.

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Capti Ranked #1 by EA Games Brisbane ISP Leaderboards April 2022.

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Capti delivering superfast, uninterrupted internet in Australia. But don't take our word for it, checkout what our customers are saying.

“I finished Capti's "Dare to Compare" free trial allowing me to try the new internet fibre service to our apartment before making a change and was shocked at the results!

After overpaying $119 per month for two year with the previous internet service proving less than 100Mbps download and a miserable 40Mbps upload, movie buffering problem and extremely slow connection slow speed at peak times, it was an easy decision to start our service with Capti.

I now pay $89 per month for a package that offers up to 500Mbps Download and an incredible 500Mbps upload with no buffering or any interruptions. Zoom meetings feel like the everyone is in the room.

A large share of owners share this excitement having filled up the online Capti installation appointment times calendar for the next four weeks.

Competition benefits all! ”

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Experience the difference with Capti Fibre's fibre optic internet - designed to deliver a strong, steady and 99.9% reliable connection straight to your home. Sign up today and enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity like never before.