Business Voice

Tailored Hosted PBX and SIP solutions.

Advance your business through a suite of collaboration features

Our voice products offer customer-specific features to enable easy, cost-effective, and more structured communication with tools such as instant messaging, file sharing and integration with mobile devices for on-the-go workers.

If your business is still utilising old copper-based telephony connections, Capti’s voice products can be your one-stop-shop to transition over to our premium network, which includes Capti Hosted PBX or Capti SIP solution. We do not believe in one size fits all, so our local team will work with you to tailor a solution to fit your businesses specific requirements.


Easy transition off PSTN/ISDN

Business SIP and Hosted PBX carries your calls over the internet rather than traditional copper lines to allow for greater flexibility, and a cost-effective simplified network.

Cost-effective for modern businesses

Cost savings with Capti compared to the old copper network are substantial, built from the ground up to provide flexible, superior call quality and enhanced call functionality.

Variety of access to tools

Provides access to instant messaging, seamless online presence, integrated mobile application and numerous options for your email, cloud and browser applications.

Eliminate the need for multiple phone systems

Our system is compatible with all Cisco and Yealink phone handsets and enables you to manage your telephony from a single, integrated platform.

Quality of Service

When you bundle your voice and data network with Capti, your phone calls will be of exceptional quality with HA insurance and dedicated SLA’s, resulting in a crystal-clear audio experience.

Business Innovation with internet

Australia has vastly expanded its reach with fast business broadband, enabling businesses to take up these latest innovations. With Capti, upgrading to SIP has never been more ideal.

Our Products

Hosted PBX

At Capti, we are proud to use the best Australian hosted communication solutions on the market. We have your business requirements in the forefront of everything we do, especially when it comes to meeting both your current and future needs.

Capti’s Hosted PBX allows customers to move their voice network into the cloud while leveraging the benefits of unified communications, seamless online presence, mobile integration and numerous options for email, cloud, and browser applications.

Business SIP

SIP Voice (Session Initiation Protocol) enables your telephony traffic to be carried smoothly over the internet. Our SIP framework is built from the ground up to provide flexibility and superiority through clearer call quality and enhanced call functionality in comparison to traditional ISDN/PSTN technologies.

At Capti, our team will provide you with a transitionary plan that will enable you to seamlessly move away from these legacy services and push your business capabilities forward with increased call stability and reliability.

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