Capti offers tailored solutions

Capti offers tailored solutions to meet the requirements of your accommodation destination. Turnkey solutions are essential for accommodation providers, and dealing with a responsive, professional, and experienced service provider like Capti can make all the difference.

Give your guests the internet they deserve with high-speed internet, no long-term contract required, month to month billing, and the ability to scale your data up or down as you see fit. Due to our industry experience and utilisation of the latest technology, we specialise in connecting accommodation sites.

Our Solution

Dedicated Backhaul

Dedicated backhaul to Capti data centre, peering and internet gateways means your connection will run fast consistently.

Local Service Team

Built, managed, and supported by our Aussie based team. We provide personal and proactive customer support and have a quick response time for our valued clients and partners.

Dedicated Project Manager

At Capti, we provide a dedicated project manager to your installation and implementation process to ensure everything is executed perfectly.

Best of Breed Network

Our services grow with you, we are always looking to employ the latest and greatest in technology and provide it down to our customers.

Guaranteed Installation Time

Our efficient network ensures your business will decide when you want installation to take place and can be completed within days.

Flexible Design

Our service and team are adaptable to work with all requirements and gives you the ability to decide where you prefer the equipment to be installed.

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